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The Best Interior Design Company In Dhaka,Bangladesh

Style Architects & Interior is a well known interior design company in Bangladesh. Since 2015, Style Architects & Interior Is A Leading Interior Design Firm In Dhaka. As a professional Bangladeshi Interior consultancy firm, We Provide Consultancy, Decoration, Design Accessories Furniture Support, etc. We offer services in the form of Interior exterior design.

“In Term of interior design, ‘Simplicity Is The Best Policy To keep Organize your Home, Office, And Business’. In This Case, Interior should be more simple, clean, user-friendly and elegant since it reflects who you are!”



Hiring a professional interior architectural consultant in Bangladesh is a bit of troublesome and costly. Isn’t it? I agree with you, but it’s not true for a professional architect firm like Style Architects & Interior. Style Architects & Interior is a professional Bangladeshi interior architectural consultancy firm which is providing free architectural consultancy, minimalistic interior design, and decoration services as per your desire and space. As a Bangladeshi interior design company, Client satisfaction is our primary concern once we settle down in agreement. Therefore, we try first to realize our customer requirements before heading over to replacing or modifying the existing decoration. We always believe in a fair deal to make the customer happy.




We tend to follow modern and cost-effective architectural work to overcome space and interior decoration issues since our customers also want us to provide modern architectural work within the budget. In this case, we provide all the services which make us best than other interior firms. As a professional interior decoration company and architect firm in Bangladesh, We provide the following interior design and decoration services



Home Interior

Home Interior decoration is our day to day activities. From bedroom to kitchen, Painting to lighting. We provide all the materials you need to decorate your dream home. We have a group of home interior design experts, who can turn your home from an ordinary place to an extraordinary place


Small Business Decoration

Small businesses such as Showroom, Store, Studio, Gym, Salon, Beauty Parlor, Hotel and Restaurant require the unique design in terms of Interior Design since it reflects your brand.

Office Interior

From space measurement to office renovation, File cabinet to work station. Out Build interior provides all types of office interior design and decoration support. We follow the business model with the number of employees when it comes to office decoration since ensuring the working environment is a vital issue.

Corporate Interior Design

Corporate interior decoration is a vital part of the corporate office where performing so many corporate tasks. Therefore, it requires proper interior decoration such as glass partition, waiting sofa, desk, cabinet, etc.

Industrial Interior

As a professional interior design firm, We provide all the industrial furniture for business such as university furniture and decoration, hospital furniture and decoration, IT Company decoration and so on
Industrial style or industrial chic refers to an aesthetic trend in interior design


Custome Furniture

Whether it is an office or duplex house, custom furniture is an essential part of interior decoration since custom furniture reflects your personal test and preferences.



From celling interior design to the floor, Furniture to metal. We provided everything to our client as we have done all these projects following our client requirements. All these designs inspire people to chose the best interior design layout as well as furniture and other interior designing materials.




From the space measurement to planning, design, renovation, decoration, custom furniture design, layout, construction, partition, ceiling, curtain wall, painting, electronics work. Style Architects & Interior is highly efficient in these particular areas. if we shorten it, we are best at…..



We give a perfect shape to your building. The best use of each inch of your property is our primary goal when it comes to building planning. Usually, we compile all the information available on hand than graphically draw on the computer following client requirements. We consider several factors for building planning, such as doors and windows arrangement in terms of free moving. On the other hand, we consider privacy, sanitation, durability, simplicity, and flexibility.


Whether it’s all about residential decoration or commercial space. From painting to furniture. Everything is essential for the decorative design of an office or home. Office interior design including conference room design, cubicles design, CEO desk, reception desk, file cabinet are the notable parts for an office. Making a small office larger in size is a matter of time for us since it requires a professional interior designer hand to design an office space.


Whether it comes to interior design or exterior design, We bring back the hidden potentiality of your space. However, We have a group of interior design experts, who can handle all the design support you need. From commercial space interior design to the home interior, we can handle it in terms of Design. Style Architects & Interior is the true solution of design. Moreover,exterior design is the first impression that reflects your brand. It doesn’t matter whether it is exterior design for a small home or office. We cover everything you need for decorative exterior design.


As per our client requirements, we provide architectural work support. designing, analyzing and decision making. In this case, we consider safety first with the functionality of the building. We finalize the material should be used when developing the structure.Our experts always provide the right measurement as it goes a long way to live. Therefore, we are the best architectural consultant firm in bangladesh


Style Architects & Interior is well known because of perfect turning of existing space. It doesn’t matter whether it is all about interior or exterior remodeling. However, renovating or remodeling space is our day to day activities. We offer remodeling or restorations of old house services in various forms. We do handle all the complicity or technical issue when it comes to the whole house or office renovations. We do also remodeling different parts of the house, such as kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, bedrooms, etc.


We provide free consultancy as well as supervise the project. Style Architects & Interior is a leading consultancy firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since 2015, we are providing consultancy services for home and office decoration. On the other hand, monitoring work growth as per the project standard is our primary duty.Moreover, Mina Interior Is a well known interior design company in Bangladesh.